“Melómano de Oro” for Trotovšek and Canyigueral complete Beethoven violin sonatas CDs

Lana Trotovsek and Maria Canyigueral receive Melómano de Oro for their albums of the complete Beethovena Violin Sonatas cycle in Melómano music magazine. 

Lana Trotovsek, violin
Maria Canyigueral, piano
ZKP 11762, 117633, 117640 and 117657
Melómano de Oro

We are delighted not only by the impeccable neatness of the notes, all in their place, but also a good style, with passion, beauty and capacity for seduction, flowing with happy efficiency from both interpreters, which give us a delight that is difficult to surpass.

The ability to play a simple scale through the right agogic relaxation, linking it elegantly, always organic, alive, natural and refined, mixed with ingenuity at the highest level. Knowing how to act as a single instrument, in an admirable example of performative holism where the union of both artists results in a product greater than its sum, truly rich in nuances and original, convincing ideas. An authentic enjoyment for our senses, with impeccable tuning, extreme delicacy and resounding power, coherence, proportionality in the ornamentation and in the hierarchy of the dynamic range.

Beethoven’s soul was neither born nor died, but lives among us as we listen to his music, with delight, performed so well on these four discs.

Antonio Soria


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