Beethoven Violin Sonatas CD review in Musica Revista Catalana

Complete Sonatas for violin and piano by Beethoven

Lana Trotovšek, violin  and Maria Canyigueral, piano (4 CDs) RTV Slovenija, 2021

29.12.21 by Lluís Trullén

This live recording made by the ZKP RTV Slovenia has produced 4 CDs of a marvellous interpretive quality.
The strength and vivacity that surrounds the version of the fourth sonata leads to a luminous, radiant reading, full of warmth and also freshness of the beautiful Spring sonata

Powerful and enchanting versions, in which the profound musicality of the Sonata no. 7, in C minor, with a sublime interpretation of the “Adagio”. And it is in the Kreutzer Sonata and, of course, in the monumental Sonata op. 96 that closes the cycle, where Lana Trotovšek and Maria Canyigueral elevate the artistic understanding to the maximum expression. Resounding, firm, passionate version, with a vehemence that never diminishes the warmth of the unforgettable dialogues of the “Andante with variations” and is exultant with strength in a final “Presto” striking for its interpretative energy. Comprehensive albums that should be celebrated and that will delight pro Beethovenians.

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